Visit and tour the sights of the town: the monastery of Agia Paraskevi, the typical paved square Zagorohoria the tree in the middle, the cobbled streets of the village, the schools Rizareiou legacy, the churches of St. Mina and St. Athanasius, the Exhibition Centre with continuous exhibitions, open air theater.


Browse the neighboring settlements Vitsa, Dilofo, the Cocoon, the Gardens, Kapesovo, Vradeto and other more remote villages and destinations to the east (Tsepelovo Skamneli, Gyftokampos the most remote villages of "Vlachozagorou") or Upper and Lower Elafotopos lowlands and to the west, the Asprageli, Elati and other villages at the foot of Mitsikeli to the south.

Visitors can admire the beautiful nature along the route to stop and experience the renowned architecture of arched bridges (the rooster, the tile-Monks and Kontodimou the way to the Gardens), walk in the renovated water mill and the bridge the Gardens. To visit the museum of natural history of Cocoon in Lazaridis, the folklore museum Agapios Toli in the Gardens, the folklore museum in Elafotopo, the Monastery of the Annunciation, the Lampriadeio School and carpet-weaving exhibition in the Upper Pedina laboratories folk art and pottery and small local craft products Kato Pedina.

In the region of Ioannina

Excursion to the city "of legends and traditions," "the first f float in grosses and the letters" with the famous castle and museums (archaeological, Byzantine, municipal, etc.), the lake and the island Byzantine monasteries (among them the famous monastery of Filanthropinon) and even the famous Cave of Perama, the Sanctuary of Dodona (the oldest oracle in Greece, birthplace of the Greek-speaking tribes, with restored ancient theater) and the wax museum of Paul Vrellis.