Alternative routes proposed have been repeatedly made by the people "Zagoria Hosting", or for their own enjoyment or exercise, and in escorting groups of tourists, both Greeks and foreigners, and of course included in tour planning and tour guests of our hotel. It runs timed well suited to the needs and opportunities of each group.

1st Route

A first (most common), easy and pleasant path is the path from the village square to the lower "balcony" of the gorge, Agia Paraskevi, with the title of the 15 th century Byzantine monastery and the breathtaking view from the rim of the gorge both directions of the gorge.

2nd Route

Larger and kopiodesteri and antapodotikoteri is the way - can be done by car paved road - the "upper square" and close to famous rock formations, the "stone forest", with the highest "balcony" of the canyon, the Beech, with its unique spectacle from the brink, the 'scary' depth of approximately 1000 meters of vertical sides of the gorge.

3rd Route

The more adventurous hiker can and the depth of the bed to admire the unique sight, although the outdoor theater follow the path and stairs leading to the depth of the canyon. Arriving in the bed can follow the normal course during the course of the river, lasting about six hours total to get to sources of Voidomatis and from there to climb to the village or vetch, or Papigo.

But it may follow the opposite path - contrary to the course of the river - shorter and come to the bridge of Misios to climb the ladder of Vitsa or ladder hood and reach the eponymous village. Alternatively, they can continue to bridge the rooster on the way to other nearby villages (Cocoon, Gardens, etc.)

4th Route

The hiker who wants to descend into the gorge by an easier path, may the square of Vitsa (which can be reached by car), to follow the downhill path that passes by the church of Our Lady, and then follow the path, to reach the stairs leading to the bed of the stream and the bridge of Misios. After a necessary attitude may xananevei the ladder - the whole process takes no more than a half hour - or to follow one of the other routes.

5th Route

Walker wants to do a shorter and easier path can visit the ruined monastery (also the 15 th century) of the Prophet Elijah, a hill to the southwest of the settlement or - even easier route - going through the site, where Ruins of farm settlement of the 9 th BC century, between Monodendri and Vitsa, and arrive in Upper Vitsa. If he wants, he can continue his course along the streets, passing by the beautiful church of the Archangels and St. Nicholas and arrive in the village square.